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Want to create the perfect backyard oasis? Our design and installation professionals can make it happen!


It starts with a conversation.

When you reach out to our team, the first thing we do is ask a lot of questions. What do you envision for your space? What kinds of features do you have in mind? How can your front yard, backyard, side yard, become a productive outdoor living or transition area for you? We're happy to make suggestions, but it's important that they be informed by your needs.


What about budget?

How much will your project cost? Well, we really can't say without all the details so it's important to have a budget in mind. That way we can help you meet both your project and financial goals. Prioritizing your wish list by needs vs wants, finding unique design solutions, and completing installation in phases are some of the ways that we can create your dream landscape without breaking the bank. Be aware that things we will not compromise on for budget constraints include product quality, installation standards, and safety.



After we get some initial information about your project, we schedule a consultation at your property. This meeting normally takes about an hour and gives you the opportunity to speak in person with our Designer about the project in the space. They will also collect data: site measurements, grades, locations of windows and doors, fences and gates, existing features, trees, services - everything needed to set up a base plan for your property.




This is the magic. Our Designer takes everything you talked about and creates a Design Plan Package with a Master Plan layout, labelled and dimensioned drawings, and a Planting Plan for your dream space. They will make suggestions for plants, hardscape products, and colours that compliment the space, your style, and architectural elements if you didn't already have something in mind. Need to make some changes? We can make revisions to ensure the layout is perfect. Our Design Plan Package is created as a PDF and the files are yours to keep.


Everything plus the (outdoor) kitchen sink?

We're excited to tackle every size of project, but for designs with intricate features and those with a large scope of work or multiple phases, we might suggest design meetings. These could include time face-to-face between revisions or the opportunity for us to present the final design plan. Communication is key, and when a design is intricate, we want to make sure nothing important gets missed.




Once the design is finalized we prepare a complete Project Proposal for you. This document includes descriptions of the work requested, broken down by area or features with pricing. Essentially, it's a detailed quote for your review and approval. If work is proposed in phases or optional, you'll be able to sign off on exactly what will be done and when.



Our clients are pretty excited by this point, and so are we. Everyone wants to be first in the schedule, but we don't play favourites. All projects are booked in the order we recieve approval when possible, by seasonal requirements when necessary, or coordinate with subcontracted trades availbility (like fencers). Once booked, we let our homeowners know the prospective start dates as early as we can and give updates as the season progesses. It comes as no surprise that we work outdoors, weather delays are always a possibility, but we stick to the schedule as much as possible.




Before any work is done on site, we make sure to secure locates for your property. That way, when the crew shows up ready to work, they can do so safely. You can expect them to start on the ugly stuff first - excavation and removals. Things are going to get messy, but our crews are respectful of your property and neighbourhood, making sure to clean up at the end of each day. We take pride in exceptional work, and hold ourselves accountable to meeting or exceeding standard installation practices. When we leave, you will have a beautiful, functional, and complete outdoor space.


What about a warranty?

All hardscape installations completed to the manufacturer's specifications are warranteed by Greenway for 2 years from the date of installation. The hardscaping products we use are separately warranteed by the manufacturers. We can provide resources for each of the trusted landscape manufacturers that we use upon request.





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